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写作比赛是作家提交作品供评审的活动, 通常是为了获奖. There are lots of different kinds of contests depending on what sort of work you do–some are specific to 短篇小说, 例如, or some might only want flash fiction written by or about a certain demographic or theme. 

有作文比赛, 电影剧本, 电视的飞行员, 小说, 小说, 短篇小说, 诗, and 更多的–there’s almost definitely a 写作 contest for whatever you want to submit. 



For some 作家, the 虽然t of entering a 写作 contest is terrifying. 我从哪里进入?? 风险是什么? 让别人评判我的作品是不是很可怕? 

但没必要害怕! 写作比赛实际上是相当悠闲的, 这是一种让你的作品出现在网上的好方法. 来分解为什么你应该开始尝试写作比赛, 我有三点要你记住:Publication, 奖, 和Practice. 


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奖金的具体内容将根据比赛而有所不同, 但如果你赢了,大多数这样的比赛都可以发表文章. 如果你是小说家,你可能会认为没有必要担心 短篇小说 或者是短篇小说竞赛,但这并不一定是真的! 

Think of it like this: if you win the contest, you’ll have some of your work published in a magazine. 这意味着人们会看到你的作品! 这是你扬名立万的时候. 让读者有兴趣跟随你的旅程! Then, when it’s time to publish your novel, you’re already established in the community. 


AG体育手机版诚实地说——一点额外的钱从来没有坏处. 再一次, 检查你要参加的比赛的细节, 但很多时候, 你赢了会得到一些奖金. These 奖 can be small, but some of them are upwards of a thousand dollars. 自主Publication的成本很高, 写作比赛是攒钱的好方法. 


Keeping up with 写作 contests means you have to keep up with your 写作. It means you’ll need to produce something you feel is good enough to win you a prize, 这保证了你会练习你的手艺. 

除了练习写作, 虽然, 你也会得到一些其他相关技能的练习. 也许你需要这样做 写个人简介 or write an application letter–these are skills that we need to have in this field, 但当AG体育手机版在家里起草草案时,AG体育手机版通常不会练习. 

而且,这让AG体育手机版更坚强. 让别人读你的作品真的很可怕, and entering 写作 contests will make you less and less worried about it. 你会习惯提交的过程, 等待的过程,等待结果, 你会学会如何面对拒绝. 这些对作家来说都是至关重要的技能! 


Now, that isn’t to say that 写作 contests are, without exception, worth entering. So how can you tell which 写作 contests are for you, and which you should stay away from? Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re submitting to any 写作 contest. 不e that these don’t necessarily mean that a 写作 contest is bad or not worth your time–these are just some things to watch for. 


当你在文学杂志上投稿的时候, 你一般都想避免支付阅读费. Sometimes smaller publications need them because they’re still getting off the ground, 但在大多数情况下, you shouldn’t be paying thirty-five dollar reading fees to get your story published. 

在写作比赛中,阅读费更常见一些. The 钱 is pooled toward the prize 钱 and pays staff to judge the contest. In contests with a bigger 钱 prize, the reading fee will often be a little higher. 

然而,你不应该为这些阅读费倾家荡产. 有很多 你可以免费参加写作比赛. 花钱参加写作比赛并没有真正的好处,除非, 出于某种原因, 你真的很喜欢那个特定的比赛或Publication物. 


一些作家担心他们作品的权利. 如果他们获奖了,他们的故事现在归Publication社所有了吗? 如果他们提交了,是否意味着杂志永远拥有它? 

Some magazines ask for work that’s never been published, and others won’t care. It’s the same as when you’re submitting for publication outside of a contest. 如果你想确保你作品的权利, 看看我最后也是最重要的建议: 


写作比赛的规则因比赛而异. Read the submission guidelines and get all up in that fine print to make extra sure you understand before you submit! 

If you have a story that’s been published somewhere else, but this contest demands unpublished work? 你可能会被取消资格,甚至被杂志列入黑名单. 此外,不要在短篇小说比赛中提交散文诗. Sending off a horror story when the contest specifically asks for coming-of-age pieces would also be a no-no.

Everything you need to know will be available in the contest rules for wherever you’re entering. 知道他们需要什么样的格式,是否有 字数是什么类型,等等. Check this information out ahead of time and save yourself a ton of headache. Don’t get rejected because you forgot to double-space your work on your submission, 当时要求的格式是双倍行距.


我有一份写作比赛的总清单,你可以在这里参加, 我把它按类别划分:第一类, AG体育手机版将介绍完全免费的写作比赛, 然后AG体育手机版会看一些有提交费的作品. 



成立于2001年, 纽约公共图书馆青年雄狮小说奖奖金为10美元,000 prize awarded each year to a writer age 35 or younger for a novel or a collection of 短篇小说. 每年, five young fiction 作家 are selected as finalists by a reading committee of Young Lions members, 作家, 编辑器, 和图书管理员. 由评委会选出获胜者.”

类别:青年作家 短篇小说 文集或小说. 


“这是免费的, 很有趣, and the winner gets published in Prime Number Magazine and receives a free book from Press 53.”

类别:任何人! 这将根据对提示的回答来评判. 

W.Y. 博伊德优秀军事小说奖 

“This award honors the best fiction set in a period when the United States was at war. It recognizes the service of American veterans and military personnel and encourages the 写作 and publishing of outstanding war-related fiction. 威廉·杨·博伊德二世捐赠.”

Category: Young adult or adult 小说 (check website for 更多的 specific guidelines) 


“Lunch Ticket is honored to host 加波奖 for Literature in Translation & 多语言文本. 加博奖由作家资助, 翻译, and Antioch University Los Angeles MFA Alumni Allie Marini and Jennifer McCharen, 谁设立了这个奖项来支持同行译者的工作.”

威利·莫里斯南方诗歌奖 & 小说

“The 威利莫里斯 Awards for Southern Writing are named for the late author, 威利莫里斯, 按照他的话的精神, 归属的希望, 相信一个民族的善良本性, for steadfastness against all that is hollow or crass or rootless or destructive.“所选的书和诗可能包含暴力和绝望, 突出可怕的事件, 但归根结底一定是令人振奋的, 并暗示希望和乐观.”

类别:根据网站, authors should read previous issues to determine whether their work is a fit for this publication. No guidelines are listed regarding demographic, age, or previous experience. 


在它存在的16年里, 该基金提供了2美元的赠款,000–$4,从超过35种语言翻译到近200种, 包括亚美尼亚, 巴斯克, 爱沙尼亚, 波斯语, Finland-Swedish, 立陶宛语和蒙古语, 以及法语, 西班牙语, 德国, 俄罗斯, 中国人, 日本, 和阿拉伯语.”



新发现的散文 奖 

“The 新散文奖 is awarded annually to a chapbook-length work of exceptional fiction or creative nonfiction. The work may be in the form of a long story or essay or a collection of short pieces (60 pages max). 除了页面限制, the only formal requirement is that some aspect of the work must inform or explore how place shapes identity, 想象力, 和理解.”


大黄蜂闪光 小说 比赛 

“你最短的小说是否温和而吸引人,却暗含刺痛?  把你的短讯寄给AG体育手机版, 甜蜜的, and sassy fiction for a chance to win $300 and publication in Pulp Literature.  只要多花20美元,就能得到一篇编辑评论.  由闪电小说大师鲍勃·瑟伯评判,  获奖无数,著有小说《AG体育官网APP下载》.”



“$2,最佳短篇小说奖将获得500英镑, which will be published in the fall/winter issue [insert year] of Colorado Review.”


F (r) iction比赛 

“We seek work that actively pushes boundaries, that forces us to question traditions and tastes. 如果你的作品有风险,AG体育手机版想读. We like strong narratives that make us feel something and stories we haven’t seen before.”



抓住AG体育手机版的小说 写作提示 让你的故事为下次比赛做好准备! 不 写小说? 不用担心. 这些提示仍然可以激励你. 🙂看一眼!


创意作家课程:如何写作 & Publication一本小说

Taught by a Bestselling Author with YEARS of experience doing JUST THIS! Learn the most recent fiction 市场营销 tactics, Amazon algorithm deep-dive, with case studies, & 更多的.


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格洛丽亚·拉塞尔,自由撰稿人,现居科罗拉多州. 如果她不是 写短篇小说在美国,她可能正在某处的山上编织或跺脚. 跟着她走: 推特 抽搐


AG体育手机版帮助您节省时间, 钱, 这本书让我头疼, 写作, 市场营销, 和Publication过程,给你证明, 按部就班的过程和责任,以成功发布. All while allowing you to maintain control of your book–and its royalties.