SPS 080: CASE STUDY: How This Radiologist Turned Sex Coach Launched Her Online Business To $100k in 9 Months Using Publicity with Dr. 索尼娅·赖特

贴在 2023年2月3日

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Today, I’m joined by Dr. 索尼娅·赖特 – a board-certified radiologist, a sexual counselor, and a certified life coach. She received her education from Stanford University, the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, 梅奥诊所, and the University of Michigan. Dr. 莱特 completed her life coach training from Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School and Learning Journeys.

Sonia is on a mission to help women embrace their sexuality and end the emotional pain and isolation associated with sexual difficulties. Dr. 莱特 believes wholeheartedly that all women deserve to experience pleasurable sexual intimacy.

When she first started her author journey, “My original plan was to write my book, and I had this plan that I would go away for the weekend to Las Vegas.” January came along, and her plans didn’t work out. Sonia didn’t get to write her book.

To build her public speaking platform during COVID, Dr. 莱特 reached out to her network to be a guest on LIVE events and then started reaching out to podcasters to spread the word about her coaching and speaking availability. “I learned about my niche that really helped me hone in on the types of people that would listen to my message and make sure I directed my message in that direction.”

At first, 脸谱网 LIVE speaking worked out the best to bring in clients to interact with people. After her website was built, she had more people contacting her through her website after listening to her interview as a guest on another podcast.

Find out how her speaker kit made a big difference for her business, how Dr. 莱特 “normalizes” her topic, and how she grew her business while doing her regular day job.

Listen in to find out how Dr. 莱特 chose her niche and avatar, how to get clear on your solution, and how to feel confident talking about an “outside of the box” topic.


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  • [04:01] How Sonia planned on 写作 her book and starting her business.
  • [05:18] Sonia’s public relations and public speaking goals.
  • [07:46] Dr. 莱特 decided what podcasts and LIVE events to be on as a guest. 
  • [09:22] Types of PR that worked best for engagement.
  • [11:27] The speaker kit and how this PR piece “legitimized” Dr. 莱特.
  • [13:14] How Sonia built her business as a side gig.
  • [14:17] Dr. 莱特 and how she introduces her topic of sex coach.
  • [17:05] How Sonia chose her niche and avatar.
  • [20:08] Why you should be OK with speaking on your topic.
  • [23:17] Building and selling your course from square one.
  • [27:22] Booking calls in the evening while working her day job.
  • [29:12] How Sonia booked her dream podcast in one month from deciding she wanted to be on the show.
  • [31:03] Consult bookings from her podcast interview. 
  • [32:56] Sonia’s next project she is focusing on right now.
  • [35:58] Tips and advice for others looking to start consulting or group coaching.
  • [38:06] Dr. 莱特 plans on adding her book to her business.


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