SPS 056: How I Sold 46M Copies of My Self Published Book with Robert Kiyosaki (Turning Your Book Into A Brand & 一个棋盘游戏)

Joining me today is Robert Kiyosaki and is the author of over 18 books, including the best selling finance book 富爸爸 Poor Dad, 这本书已经卖出了4000多万册.

Robert Kiyosaki has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about 钱. 他是个企业家, 教育家, and investor who believes that each of us has the power to make changes in our lives, 掌控AG体育手机版未来的财务状况, 过上AG体育手机版应得的富足生活.

Robert and his wife Kim created the CashFlow board game, and tried to market to a major game company who turned it down because they felt the game was “too hard.” Robert decided to write a catalog for his game and named it 富爸爸, Poor Dad. He brought his book to publishers in New York who didn’t like any of the concepts in his book and turned him down for publishing.

The husband and wife team decided to print 1000 copies of the book. 当时, no one wanted to sell self-published authors, so he called a friend who owned a car wash and asked him to put his books at his business. 两周内,这两打全部售出. One buyer introduced the book to Bill Galvin, who purchased the remaining 976 books Robert had in stock.

Flunking out of high school because he couldn’t write, Robert has moved on to become one of the world’s most renowned authors. To make the grade, he had to follow his strategy “in high school, I sat next to the smartest girl. 今天,这被称为作弊.” He returned from Vietnam and pursued his dream of being an entrepreneur despite his poor dad wanting him to become a pilot for a commercial airline. His philosophy is to have a best-selling book, not a best-written book. Robert also emphasizes that in order to become a best-selling author, you need to learn how to sell.

Listen in to find out how Robert Kiyosaki landed a spot on Oprah, how he became an international bestseller in a few months, and why the most critical choice in your life is to choose a good teacher. 了解他为什么会写《AG体育官网APP下载》, 他为什么不喜欢上学, 为什么你最大的资产是你的大脑.


[01:52] Why Kiyosaki self-published instead of going the traditional publisher route.

[03:33] The story of how Robert brought his book to New York publishers and was turned down.

[05:40] How his book landed in the hands of Bill Galvin from Dallas, Texas.

[07:01] Oprah calls Robert while he was vacationing in Australia to ask him to be a guest on her show.

[09:27] Find out his story about coming home from Vietnam and his relationship with his dad.

[10:52] Why your greatest asset is your brain.

[12:40] Robert’s 建议 to those who want to write a book but feel they don’t write well-enough.

[16:09] Why he wasn’t failing enough and how he achieved failing 30 times a day.

[21:56] Robert chats about how learning golf is a part of rewiring his brain.

[23:46] Money cycles, crashes and predictions that are happening now with COVID.

[27:09] How he turned a successful book into a book series and a brand.

[29:40] When you’re 写作 your book, ask yourself, does this have the potential to be a brand?

[31:04] Public relations is cheaper than advertising. 

[34:25] Robert’s biggest thrill is hearing that a parent gave their child his book.











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