SPS 012:我如何建立一个3美元的电子书业务,000-$4,000/Month with 卡特莱特丽丝

Welcome to episode 12 of the Self-Publishing School 播客. Today, I am joined by 卡特莱特丽丝 who is a Self-Publishing School graduate. She has been one of the most successful students in the program. She is a bestselling author and coach based in Auckland, New Zealand. She blogs and writes books with actionable information for new freelancers and time-poor entrepreneurs.

It is her goal to help these entrepreneurs move forward in their business whether they are just starting out or just need to gain forward momentum. 她有一个惊人的故事, and she has been a 写作 machine and has published 14 books over the last 10 months. Her community is really engaged and can’t wait for each new book to come out. Her 写作, community, and income are only building. She has managed to achieve an income of a few grand a month, and it is growing.

Her recipe for success for building an author platform is to write and let the 市场营销 come later. I know her books are going to continue to grow and create an even bigger income. I am really excited to talk with Lise today as we dive into her story and how she has been able to accomplish so much.


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[02:28] Her first book was a guide written in 2012 on how to be a freelance writer on oDesk.
[04:28] Marketing the book about freelance 写作 was an issue, but her second book “不需要去健身房这是她对自己第一本书的评价.
[05:34]寻找她的话题, she wrote down topics that she already knew and discovered her topic for her second book which she considers her first book.
[07:08] She used mind-mapping as a visual process to organize and create the content for her books. 她在她所有的书里都画上了思维图. 她使用了旧的用笔和纸做思维导图的方法.
[08:15] She puts her idea in the middle of the page and then puts down everything about that idea that comes to mind. 在上, 她用颜色, 箭头, bubbles and whatever it takes to get the information down and organized.
[10:05] She mind-maps entire series when she gets an idea.
[11:56] To write consistently Lise set a schedule or the 写作 wouldn’t get done. 她平时每天写作一小时. The more she wrote the faster her 写作 became.
[14:54] She would outline and find information for her book as well as mind-mapping.
[16:15] She went from finished book to published on Amazon in 7-9 days. 她就这么做了,然后按下了发布按钮.
[18:18] Some of the fears she had were that nobody was going to read her book, 但她还是做了.
[22:15] How she went from fitness books back to freelancing and “侧推蓝图” because it is scary for people to start the freelancing process. This also led to questions on her blog which led to more book topics. 她一周就写了一本书. She mapped out a series and wrote 7 books in 7 weeks.
[26:24] She cleared every Monday for book 写作 and planned out her weeks.
[28:23] She had a process for each book and wrote for 8 or 9 hours and 20 hours total.
[29:02] Having a decent outline and a checklist it could be done. Write, publishing, and launching all in one week is too much.
[30:24] The surprising thing was that book launches are hard and have a lot of moving parts, 所以她不得不外包.
[33:18] After all of this, she took two months off. Then she co-authored some books to ease herself back in.
[35:04] She now writes faster and finds the process easier.
[38:25] Hearing from fans she doesn’t know has been surprising. She also wants to think about the impact of the books on people as opposed to just the 写作 of the books.
[39:47] Networking and guesting on 播客s like Self-Publishing School and the Side 喧嚣 have been great opportunities.
[44:12] Don’t overthink it, just go ahead and write your first book. 采取行动!


喧嚣 & 槽

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