Colloquialisms: What they are 而且 How to use them

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口语是 文学设备 使用非正式词汇或短语的, typically words or phrases that are only used under certain conditions such as: specific regions, 时代, 或者演讲者的人口统计.

以书面形式, the intentional use of colloquialisms can ground your 写作 in realism by giving a genuine 而且 convincing voice to your narrative 而且 characters.

“Colloquialism” comes from the Latin “colloquium” which simply means “conversation.”

Colloquialisms are one of the elements that give fictional voices that feeling of realistic conversations.

A writer might use colloquialism to express the location, era, society of the story. It can also be used to give 可信度 而且 context to a character within that 设置.

Sometimes writers use colloquialism unintentionally, 只是因为他们的成长方式, 他们来自哪里, their education level affecting their 写作 style.

例如, one of my 写作 partners is from Texas–I started marking her 写作 with “cowboy verbiage” because it was so strongly Texan. She didn’t even realize some of the words 而且 phrases were colloquial.



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Some colloquialisms are just common abbreviations of phrases, like these:

  • 想(想)
  • 去(去)
  • 布特(即将)
  • 你们(你们所有人)
  • 不是(不是/不是)


  • 得分(得到想要的东西)
  • Deadset(确定)
  • 骚动(骚动,通常很有趣)
  • Buzz off(美国“走开”)
  • Piss off(在英国是“走开”)
  • Flake(最后一刻取消计划)
  • Fena(即将发生)



  • 让AG体育手机版去
  • 弄清楚
  • 我生来就准备好了
  • 我又不是三岁小孩
  • 他花钱大手大脚
  • 请自便


A colloquialism will be understood where it’s used. 通常地区决定使用的俗语. The example y’all from above is something that Texans tend to be known to offer specific to their region.

Aside from region, colloquialisms from slang 而且 jargon, certain groups (e.g.,警察,青少年).

Slang 而且 jargon can often hamper underst而且ing, but a colloquialism won’t. A colloquialism will, however, tell your readers that you’re being informal. 让AG体育手机版来看看英国的一些词汇:

  • 古怪的人
  • 在慢跑
  • 适合
  • 英镑
  • 狡猾的


Often, a colloquialism will mean something other than its literal 意义, making it an idiom. 例如:

  • 我明白了(显然他们的意思是“我明白”)
  • read between the lines (they mean using insight to underst而且)


Here are a few examples of colloquialisms in literature, from the short story 甘蔗豆芽 在收藏中 小鸟. In this story, Natasha returns to her southern home after living in New York for several years.

“Don’t catch me no 更多的 bullheads,” Granny calls after us. “讨厌这些该死的鱼.”

在这个例子中, you can see the socioeconomic 而且 educational state of the character in the double negative of “don’t catch me no 更多的.” The way Granny change the phrase “sick 而且 tired” by saying “sick to tired” is because her first language is French. 这些口头禅是她的特点.

“爷爷,”我又试了一次. “这是Nat.”

“Yeah, we got gnats ‘cause everybody leavin’ the damn door open.” He sniffs 而且 wipes his nose with the back of his h而且.
他睁大了眼睛. “我的娜塔莎?他咧嘴一笑,努力坐起来. “过来, 但是雪儿!” He pulls me into a hug, roughly patting my back. “你最近怎么样?”?“他和我保持着一定距离. “你吃?”

In this excerpt, we characterize Gr而且pa the same way we characterized Granny. 他的第一语言是法语, 他没有受过广泛的教育, 他显然来自美国南部.

纵观整个故事, Natasha goes from speaking with syntax typical of someone from a northern state 而且 of higher education, to using phrasing 而且 verbiage 更多的 similar to the other characters who never left the south. 

“你知道,”我说. “The Coopers always have a litter of kittens running around. 我可以帮你拿一个.”

Natasha using the word “snatch” to mean “catch” is an example of her slipping back into homegrown colloquialisms.

The transition 显示s how she’s changed over the years, 但一旦她回到家, she slips in with everyone else by using southern-specific terms (“Where’s the folks?”) 而且 dropping words from sentences (“Cam, why they burn the cane?”). 这就是她的特点, 但也为她的变化提供了背景, 她离开多久了, 以及回家对她的影响.


现在AG体育手机版知道什么是俗语了, 知道它们是怎么使用的吗, 我已经看到了一些例子, let’s talk about some tips for using them in your own 写作.

  1. 注意 to how your favorite writers use colloquialisms in their stories. 它显示了关于场景的什么? What do readers learn about the characters without even realizing they’re learning it?
  2. 了解你的角色 而且 consider how they’d speak 而且 the colloquialisms they might use. Employ it to let your readers get closer to your characters.
  3. 有意地使用它. Just like any 文学设备, know what you’re doing, why, how it affects the reader experience.
  4. 不要做过头! 和其他事情一样,要追求平衡. 如果你过度使用口语, your 写作 might sound unintentionally campy or silly, 这会让你的世界变得不可信.

Colloquialisms are a fun element to incorporate into your story to give it color, 可信度, 一个可信的环境.

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