22个免费 & 付费图书推广网站 to Sell More Copies

作为作家, we often spend weeks or months out of the year promoting our books, 占用了宝贵的写作时间. This is a necessary evil if you want to make it as an author, so that’s what we do. AG体育手机版建立自己的网站, 工艺通讯, 定期在社交媒体上发帖, 主机赠品, 参加活动, network–but what do you do when that isn’t enough?

Do you need an extra tool in your book selling kit? 也许 尝试图书促销 网站!


Book promotion sites do exactly what they say–promote books. Strategically using these sites can produce short bursts of higher sales, 有些是免费的,有些是收费的. Book promotions can have an impactful place in your 市场营销 strategy, if you take the time to do the research to find the right promotions for your books.

Most book promotion sites require that your ebook is free or cheap, many have a screening process to ensure quality in their book recommendations. A screening process might sound inconvenient, but it’s better to have your book amongst carefully selected publications than to toss it into a pile of garbage. The more selective 网站s have better reputations with their readers–和 often a much larger readership–making them more valuable for you to pursue.

一些推广网站只基于网站, 意义 they’ll list your book amongst others on their actual 网站s. Some send out daily or weekly newsletters to their mailing list with book deals. 有些人寄给他们 社交媒体 账户. 有些人会把这些混合在一起. I’ve seen several 网站s that even write full reviews for selected books.

Book promotion sites want to recommend quality books to keep their readers’ trust, they want bargain or free books to provide their readers value.


如何在2021年有效地推销一本书 (及以后…)

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How you apply to have your book featured on a book promotion site will depend on the site, but there are some trends to expect when pitching.

  • Most sites will require your book to be listed as free or at a significant discount. 就像我说的, the value they provide for their readers is book deals–显示ing their audience books at full price isn’t adding anything that they couldn’t get at a bookstore.
  • Many sites–particularly the sites that charge a fee–will require your book to meet certain quality st和ards. This is again something to keep their readership’s trust, it is to your benefit. If you pay to have your book listed amongst books that lack quality, that suggests your book also lacks quality.
  • Most sites have a no-tolerance policy for erotica, 可恶的内容, 或者任何可能引起争议的事情. 因为这个, you will likely have to find erotica-specific book promotion sites if that is your genre.
  • Niche sites will require your book to fall into 它们特定的类别或体裁. While this might cut you off from using EVERY site, that isn’t something you’d want to do anyway. Finding your niche makes it much easier to rack up sales than if you were pitching your book to a general audience. Finding specific promotional sites for your genre can turn over more sales than a less specific site.

Each site will have a sign-up form with basic contact, author, 还有预约信息供您填写. Most promotion sites will at least want your basic author 和 book information, 但每个网站都是不同的. You should find a guideline on or near the submission page for each site.

Now let’s look at some options for book promotion sites. We’ve broken them into free 和 paid, but many of these sites offer both for different packages.


While many book promotion sites will charge a fee to promote your books, there are some free options. There aren’t monetary barriers to entry for these sites, but many of them have quality barriers. 这是很好的! You’re better off submitting to 网站s that have some kind of screening process, because that means readers will take their including your book as a sign of endorsement.

Here are a few free book promotion sites to check out:

节俭的赠品, like a lot of other book promotion sites, requires that your ebook is free before you post it. There are no restrictions other than that for 节俭的赠品. They will post your free ebook to their blog 和 other influencer pages.

每日独立图书 需要您的电子书是免费的, but they also screen for poorly done book covers, 差评(或没有评), 以及其他劣质书籍的迹象. That makes 每日独立图书 a little more reliable.

现在写了 has free 和 premium options (from $10 to $20). They require your book to be $3 or under, Kindle和Audible上都有, 与家庭友好的封面内容.

印度群岛无限 has free 和 paid options for book promotion. You can list your free or 99 cent ebooks by submitting your book information 和 a download link. 色情作品不允许出现在这个网站上. 

Bookangel requires books to be under one euro for all readers, but it is free to submit.

Freebooksy requires your books to be free, but their affiliate Booksy讨价还价 accepts book submissions between 99 cents 和 $5. Both sites offer free submission, but you can also pay to guarantee a spot.

帕蒂的eBookaroo st和s out from a few other book promotion sites because they don’t require free books or huge discounts. 只要你的书是99美分, whether that’s a special promotion or its regular price Patty wants to hear about it.

As with anything, free alternatives to paid services are going to have drawbacks. If you’re looking for a more prestigious company, 更大的观众, 长特性, 或其他服务, you might be ready to invest in book promotion. Here are a few sites that charge for their services–though many offer a free version as well.

BookBub is probably one of the most popular book promotion sites, they have some of the stricter guidelines you’ll see. 他们想要最好的交易, 错误的内容, for your book to be free or listed at a 50% discount. 这个图表 能给你一个定价的概念吗, but it varies depending on genre 和 price of your book–the higher your book’s price, BookBub的促销费用就越高.

Bookdealio 是关于电子书交易的通讯吗. They look for free books or big discounts, 所以如果你的书总是低价, this one probably isn’t the best option for you. To run a 1-day promotion can cost between $70 和 $100, 取决于类别, with extra charges for 社交媒体 posts. They also offer the option of a full-price book promotion at $250 for two weeks.

ManyBooks requires your book to be 免费或五折优惠, 他们有质量控制, 他们提供三种促销方式. For a spot in their daily newsletter, you’ll pay around $29. 在网站上出版你的书需要39美元, to get a professional review 和 inclusion in their blog 和 monthly newsletter is $79. 

犰狳电子书 has options for free 和 bargain priced ebooks. $25 will get your book promoted to 15 sites.

Goodkindles has options from $25 to $45 with promotional services like blog posts, 社交媒体内容, 通讯点, 和更多的.

电子书阅读器新闻今天 要求你的书是免费的或出售, 可以在亚马逊, 还有全长的(意思是没有孩子的, 非小说类, 烹饪书, 或其他少于125页的书). They look at reviews, cover design, content to ensure quality 和 lack of controversial matter.

eBookBetty 要求书定价为2美元.99或更低. They offer 网站 feature 和 a newsletter spot at prices starting around $12.50.

ExciteSteam is a newsletter for romance novels with at least a 4-star review average. Their prices range from $15 to $75 for different newsletter packages.

For another romance newsletter option, check out 红玫瑰的浪漫. They obviously only accept books in the romance genre, they only accept books that are free or listed for at least a 50% discount.

罗宾读取 requires your books to be free or 99 cents, error-free, a full-length book. 罗宾读取 st和s out from the others by the information they give concerning their readership. You’ll find download rates broken down by genre 和 lots of other illuminating data on their 网站. 以下是他们的定价细分:

今天电子书交易 charges between 5 和 10 dollars depending on which service you choose. They will post your book on their 网站 和 several 社交媒体 账户. Again, your book has to be free to be eligible.

offers much more involved services, like ad training 和 other 市场营销 assistance. 


书巴塞特 provides two promotional services for authors: Featured Authors Posts 和 Guaranteed Freebie Posts. A book for the Featured Authors Post must be priced below $2.99美元,售价21美元.每天99. The Guaranteed Freebie Posts is for free ebooks, the slots go for $8.每天99.

BookDoggy offers a lot of bang for your buck with a newsletter spot, 在他们的网站上AG体育官网APP下载的特征, 个性化的脸谱网帖子, book trailer promo on their YouTube channel, 完整的书籍购买链接大约20美元.

BookAdrenaline is for my mystery 和 thriller writer pals. 他们只想要那些类型的书, 免费或五折优惠, they require it to be professionally done 和 highly rated. An extra requirement for BookAdrenaline is that your book is a st和alone or the first in a series–they will not promote sequels. 如果你的书被接受, the fee for feature will be between $15 和 $30, 这取决于你的书的标价. As with other services, the cheaper your book, the lower the fee.

IndieBookLounge has much fewer barriers to entry than some of the others we’ve looked at, which can be a good thing 和 a bad thing. Good because maybe your book has a higher chance of being featured, but not so great because that means the reputation of the site will naturally be lower than the more selective ones. 这里的价格在4到20美元之间.


如何在2021年有效地推销一本书 (及以后…)

Get The Simple 3-Step Strategy to Selling More Books In This Free Web Class!

你觉得呢?? 图书推广网站适合你吗? Do any of these st和 out as a good fit for you 和 your books? 检查出来! See their guidelines, restrictions, success rates, then give it a shot! It might be just what your book sales have been waiting for.

Disclosure: Some of the links above may contain affiliate partnerships, 意义, 对你没有额外的费用, Self-Publishing School may earn a commission if you click through to make a purchase.


汉娜李基德 is a contemporary 和 fantasy author, 写作 教练, youtube. She has published two bestselling short story collections, 小鸟星光. Hannah is currently minding her own business, streaming a variety of 写作 和 life content on Twitch,在 Colorado mountains with her roommate, Saya, who is a dog.



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