营销书籍很难. 有很多事情要做. Book Promotions, Newsletters, Author Swaps, Social Media… The list goes on and on.

But not all book promotions need to be hard. There are 2 simple ads you can start running today in order to start selling books right away. 


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亚马逊营销服务(AMS), now called Advertising Console is a collection of effective tools to help vendors drive traffic to their products and sell more.

对于作者, this means AMS is a hub for increasing low book sales and maintaining a steady income with their books.


If you have a KDP account (and we’re assuming you do, 鉴于你在这里), then you automatically have access to Amazon’s AMS广告 program. See this simple video to show you where to access it: 

The 2 Kinds of ‘Low-Hanging Fruit’ AMS广告

There are 2 kinds of done-for-you AMS广告: AMS Auto Ads and AMS建议关键词广告. Below are 2 Videos that will walk you through the Step-by-Step Process of Creating each ad. 

But first – a brief overview of the 2 kinds of Ads.


In this one, AMS is curating a list of keywords it thinks will work best to market your book. 再一次, 它是看你的关键字, 类别及年龄/年级范围, 以及以前的购买记录. But unlike your Auto-Ads which are dynamic and constantly evolving based on performance, 建议的关键词广告是静态的. 

这可能是件好事. 这是你书的快照, provided your feeding AMS the right kind of data, could result into some sales and finds.

Check out this simple video on how to set up an AMS Suggest Keyword Ad:


PRO-TIP #1: Use Broad, Phrase and Exact for each suggested Keyword.

PRO-TIP #2: Consider making a new Suggested Keyword Ad every month to six weeks to see if new suggested keywords have populated. 


They’re exactly what they sound like. Set them up (see the video below) and let them run. Amazon will automatically try to figure out who to serve your ads to based on the metadata you provided when uploading your books (this includes, 但不限于:关键词, 类别及年龄/年级范围, 以及以前的购买记录) 

It will work hard on your behalf trying to find that ideal reader. 最重要的是, once its starts to figure out who your readers are, it will optimize the ads to target them. 

现在,并不是所有的玫瑰. AMS汽车广告可能很挑剔. 它们并不能保证全垒打, but they’re a good start when you want to do something simple and straightforward when 市场营销 your books. 

PRO-TIP #1: Use suggested bids and slowly turn down the tap as it starts to spend. We recommend lowering your bid by 5c every day until it stops spending. 然后保持在那里. 

PRO-TIP #2:  Set an AMS Auto Ad is NOT just for book 1 in a series. Consider doing an auto ad  for every book in your series.  

PRO-TIP #3: If you want to go deeper with AMS ads, check out this kick-ass article from Self-Publishing School


Disclaimer: This post was written by a best-selling full-time fiction author, who also happens to be one of our amazing book coaches here at Self-Publishing School!

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