30 Day Writing Challenge: The Fast-Track to Book Progress

I don’t know about you, but I’m stuck in a 写作衰退

For me, these come after I’ve finished a big project. I’ve been working on something for so long that when it’s finally done, it’s like I have no idea how to write anymore or what else I would even work on. 

But 写作衰退s can strike anytime, and they’re awful. I designed 这 写作 challenge to help writers break out of a particularly bad case of 文思枯竭, but honestly, 这 would be perfect for anyone who writes, and here’s why.

How Writing Challenges Can Help Get You Back Into the Swing of Things

如果你心情低落, 写作 challenges can push you to get back into the habits you once (or never) had. Here are some of the ways 写作 challenges make that happen:

1. 新鲜的想法 

这些 写作提示s will keep you generating tons of new ideas, and a few of them will even ask you to leave your house (I know, I know, I’m evil). Getting some fresh inspiration and forcing yourself to write about new people, 的地方, and events will breathe some clean air into those old writerly lungs. 

2. 例程 

如果你想的话 以写作为生, it’s very important that you start working on self-discipline. No, you don’t necessarily need to be 写作 every single day. But think about it like 这: if you didn’t go to work every day that you didn’t feel like it, 你会去工作吗? 

写作也是一样. We love it, sometimes we hate it, but we’ve gotta figure out a way to keep at it regularly. That way, instead of depending on motivation or inspiration, we can depend on ourselves! 耶! 

3. 实践 

熟能生巧. 如果你是一名运动员, you wouldn’t consider yourself a pro player just because you happened to hit one very impressive home run a few years ago. You’ve got to keep working those muscles and building those skills so you can keep hitting home runs in the future. 

This 写作 challenge will keep you 写作 every day. 和, 再一次, you don’t necessarily have to write every day for your entire life–however, by coming back and working on new prompts every day, you’ll develop some new skills and maybe dust the cobwebs off some tricks you haven’t used in a while. 

Without further ado, let’s get started on our thirty day 写作 challenge! 

写作 challenge author 写作 at table


第一天: Go for a walk or 开车 around your neighborhood. Write a poem about one of the buildings you see–who used to live or work there, and do they still? Bonus points if you write about a building you’ve never noticed before. 

第二天: Put random coordinates into Google Earth and see what comes up. Write a paragraph, no more, about what you see. Even if you landed in the middle of the ocean, take moment to describe what’s there and what you think might be lurking. 

第三天: Make a list of all of your writerly goals for the next calendar year. Do you want to finally finish up that manuscript? 开始寻找 封面设计 对你的小说? 发现β读者? No matter how far-fetched it may feel, write it all down. 

第四天: Consider your favorite book from childhood. 写一篇短篇小说 (or just a brainstorm–no pressure to create a complete work here) about an alternate ending. 坏人会赢吗? Does the girl fall in love with someone else? 

第五天: Rewrite a Disney movie from the POV of the villain. This can be a movie script, a 短篇小说, a poem, or just notes in your phone. 

第六天: Take one of your favorite stories and turn it into a poem, or vice versa. This can be something you’ve written or an old favorite off your shelf. 

7天: Make a list of your favorite tropes in TV 显示s, movies, or books. If you’re not sure what tropes are or what sorts of tropes are your favorites, check out list. Tropes are the building blocks of fiction, and 写作 down your own will help you identify what you like and what you might want to write about in the future! 

第八天: 一天, keep a detailed journal about where you’ve been, 你感觉如何, 你吃什么, 还有你们之间的对话. 

日9: Go to a coffee shop or bar and do some good old fashioned eavesdropping. Write down a conversation you overhear. If you’re unable to go to a coffee shop or bar, try 这 with a TV 显示 you’ve never seen before. 

第十天: Use the last line of your overheard conversation as the prompt for a poem. 

日11: Turn the overheard conversation into a 短篇小说 (you get a lot of mileage out of eavesdropping, it turns out!). 

日12: 从书架上随便拿一本书. Flip to any page and take a look at the first sentence. Use that sentence to start a 短篇小说 or poem. 

日13: Pick an emotion you feel strongly about (no pun intended). Write it at the top of your page, then write a piece of flash小说 对这种感觉. Flash fiction can be up to a thousand words, but keep it as short as possible. 

14天: Take your journal, notebook, or laptop (if possible) outdoors. Describe your surroundings as if you were a complete stranger. 

15天: 散步, 开车, 或者去一个新的地方远足, 带点可以写字的东西, 即使只是你的手机! When you get to where you’re going, write stream of consciousness for fifteen minutes, nonstop. 它可以是关于任何事情, even if you’re just 写作 ‘I don’t know what to write’ over and over 再一次. 

日16: 找一本你最喜欢的书. Write down everything you love about it. 是人物吗? If so, which characters are your favorite, and why? Just like with tropes, knowing what we love in media will help us recreate it in our own work. 

日17: Using a book you own or have already read, write a 短篇小说 and imitate that 作者的风格. Try to sound as much like them as you possibly can, and really get into what makes their style distinct from yours. 

天18: Go back to a book that you truly hate, if you still have a copy. 你不喜欢它的什么? Make a–you guessed–list of everything in it that didn’t work for you. Are these things that often bother you in stories? 

19天: Take the list of things you didn’t like about that book and write down ways you might have fixed those problems. 你不知道也没关系, or if it’s way too far gone to be saved–we’re just imagining a world where it was better, 由你来驾驶. 

20天: Turn something that you’ve written or something you’ve read into a 写作提示. Send that prompt to a writer friend and see what sort of story ideas they come up with! 

21天: 类似的, ask your friend to describe their favorite book or movie without giving away with book or movie it is. Use 这 description as a 写作提示, 当你完成的时候, ask your friend which story they were describing to see where you differed. 

22天: 获取list 写作目标 你第三天做的. What’s the most pressing goal on that list, or the thing you want to do the most? If it’s all important and you can’t pick, choose one at random. List three things you can do in the next week to get closer to that goal. If you can’t, list three things you need to research. 

23天: Write a letter to yourself on your first day of high school. 

24天: Write a fake job posting for a different era in history. 例如, write a job posting for a footman at Downton Abbey, as you think it might appear in the London papers. If you’re not sure how to do that, research newspapers from the era in history you’re interested in! 

25天: Turn your favorite feel-good story into a dramatic horror. 

26天: Invent a new character, completely from scratch. They can be someone for an existing project, someone to fit into the world of your favorite 显示, 或者完全随机的人, 不重要. 找到一个 人物创建模板 and fill it out with every detail about them. 

27天: 试着找一个写作伙伴! This often takes more than one day, but lay the groundwork–check out the #am写作 tag on 推特, Instagram, or TikTok, or see if your local college or library has a 创意写作俱乐部 或者诗歌聚会. One of the best ways to stick with 写作 is to find a community of like-minded people to commiserate and hold one another accountable. It doesn’t happen overnight, but see what your options are! 

28天: 如果你不经常 写作时听音乐,选一些音乐听听. Make a journal entry about how that type of music makes you feel and whether it helped. 如果它没有, try a new genre–maybe classical puts you to sleep, and the Mario Kart soundtrack is where it’s at (that’s true for me, 无论如何). 

29天: Describe a favorite childhood memory from the point of view of a narrator who doesn’t know what’s going on

30天: Take a look at all the snippets and pieces you’ve made over the last thirty days, and give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work! Pick five of your favorite new stories or pieces and set them aside to work on later. 


I hope 这 challenge has given you some new ideas for a story, or at least gotten you thinking about what you want to work on next. 如果你跳过一天, feel free to pick up where you left off or skip the days you’ve missed–the point isn’t to complete 这, but instead to practice as much as you can. 

What was your favorite part of 这 challenge? 你有什么新的故事构思吗? 请在评论中告诉AG体育手机版! 

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格洛丽亚罗素 is a freelance writer and author living in Colorado. 如果她不是 写短篇故事, she’s probably knitting or stomping around on a mountain somewhere. 跟着她在这里: 推特 抽搐



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